Enjoy Aburi Cuisine at home! Most items from our regular menu are available To Go. Below is our selection of To Go sushi platters, sure to impress your guests. To Go orders are available for pick up during business hours. Please call to place your order at 604.685.8080.



KAEDE - $80

salmon oshi, ebi oshi, saba oshi, red wave roll, tuna hosomaki, salmon hosonai (42 pieces)

The Kaede platter is the perfect combination for you to enjoy our classic Oshi Sushi.

Aburi Salmon Oshi – easily our most popular dish, the Salmon Oshi boasts an exceptional balance of textures and flavours.  Our unique style of sushi rice is layered with sweet-soy brushed salmon, topped with our special sauce, charcoal flame seared, and garnished with a delicate jalapeno slice.  The combination of aroma and flavours is truly unforgettable.

Aburi Ebi Oshi –the freshness of ume (plum) is combined our special sauce to and finished with a splash of lime juice and touch of zest, delivering a subtle yet vibrant flavour.

Aburi Saba Oshi – the richness of our house-cured Saba is balanced with miso, paired with our sushi rice, creating a melt in your mouth, savoury flavour experience.


MOMIJI – $100

albacore tuna, salmon, hamachi, red wave roll, crunchy scallop roll, salmon oshi, inari (40 pieces)

Shari (rice) is the key factor for creating exceptional sushi.  Our unique preparation of Shari is what separates our sushi from the rest.  Traditional methods provide the foundation for cooking shari, but secret is in the flavouring.  The best way to highlight the significance of shari is to serve it in the classic nigiri style.  The uncompromised, expertly formed rice is fully visible.  Momiji, served with house original soy sauce provides you with the chance to explore flavour beyond your imagination.  The signature Salmon Oshi and Red Wave roll compliment the platter.


SAKURA – $110

albacore tuna, salmon, hamachi, salmon oshi, saba bouzushi, tuna hosomaki, saimon hosonai, california roll, BC futomaki, inari (56 pieces)

The Sakura platter features all that Aburi style can offer.  It includes our original BC Futomaki, exclusive to take out orders, specialty nigiri sushi, signature Salmon Oshi, and Saba Bouzushi.  The Saba Bouzushi is a hidden masterpiece of the Aburi Brand, it is a must try dish for anyone looking to enjoy a truly unique experience.  Mouth-watering, lightly grilled, crispy fat saba is paired with the sweetness of Gari (ginger), shari and soy sauce creating a flavour combination that is sure to take your breath away.