At Minami restaurant we embrace Environmental & Social Responsibility. Taking green initiatives and finding ways to provide back to the community all relate to the Aburi corporate philosophy of Ningenmi, “to respect the people and environment surrounding us”. So whether it is as simple as cutting back on water bottles, getting involved in a charity, or changing a lightbulb, we see every gesture as a critical step in operating a smarter and more sustainable business.

Vivreau Water System

The food industry speaks of “food miles” and the water industry talks of “water miles.” Transporting bottled water from Europe and the Pacific Islands creates a grave impact on our environment. Not only is water being transported by road, creating congestion and pollution, but there is also the issue surrounding glass and plastic packaging waste. That is why Minami Restaurant has invested in the Vivreau System to filter and bottle tap water on-site. Metro Vancouver tests tap water over 136,000 times a year to make sure it is safe to drink, and Vivreau ensures our tap water tastes great.

Each year, a portion of our Vivreau proceeds is donated to local Vancouver charities.

For more information on the Vivreau System, visit

Ocean Wise Program

Minami Restaurant is proud to be an active member of Ocean Wise. This conservation program, administered by the Vancouver Aquarium, recognizes restaurants supporting sustainable seafood choices and fishing practices. Menu items approved by the program receive the Ocean Wise logo, which is recognized by diners all across Canada. At Minami, we firmly believe in the importance of empowering our guests to have the option of making sustainable dining choices. For program details, visit

Community Engagement

Giving back to the community that supports us is important to us; that is why we do our utmost best to support as many events hosted by local businesses and charity initiatives throughout the year. Whether it is sponsoring gift certificates, catering to events, or volunteering we are proud to be engaged in our local community beyond restaurant borders.

For consideration, please submit your requests to and we will do our best to help where we can.