Feature Artist: Hideki Kimura

Kyoto born Hideki Kimura is a visionary artist, bursting full of passion. With over 85 works under his belt displayed in Hong Kong, South Korea, and the United States, Hideki is a well-established, sought-after muralist.  His most recent project includes a commissioned piece from the Japanese government for the post-tsunami recovery campaigns, where the promotional logo and posters were used to boost the country’s tourism.  Before his painting career, he was a successful concert producer who launched many legendary Japanese rock acts.  His love and knowledge for music can be easily seen and felt through the organic and fluid nature of the painted imagery.

When owner Seigo Nakamura first came upon his work,  he knew he wanted to bring one of his murals to life in his restaurants.  Flying him down from Japan, Hideki and his small team spent 9 days in Vancouver to paint on several feature walls.  His stunning and whimsical imagery of frogs, koi, lotus flowers, and lobsters can be seen in all parts of the restaurant, including both the Blue Ocean and Blue Wave’s private dining room.  Seigo hopes that Hideki’s mural will evoke the passion and dedication that he himself harbors for Minami Restaurant.

To learn more about the artist, visit Hideki Kimura’s website here.

Arita Yaki Plateware

With Aburi Restaurants’ roots in Japan, Seigo Nakamura strongly believes in preserving facets of traditional Japanese culture even in an international space.  To save a dying art form, Seigo invested in a line of traditional Japanese porcelain originating from the artisan town of Arita, Japan. Each piece has been hand-picked and custom designed to match our unique culinary approach.