“Same passion, you understand my crazy English.” – Seigo Nakamura

With a big vision and hardly any English, Seigo Nakamura took his family restaurant business of nearly six decades, across the world in 2008. Successfully operating eight restaurants in the southern Japanese city of Miyazaki, going international was never an ‘If’ for restaurateur Seigo Nakamura, but a matter of When and Where.

His father and former owner of the business, Juichi, always admired Canada, and when Seigo visited Vancouver for the first time in 2007, he immediately knew his Miku Restaurant concept would fit in to the city’s flair for multicultural cuisine and healthy living. The following year, Miku Restaurant opened in Vancouver downtown, specializing in beautifully executed Aburi (flame-seared) sushi and entrée dishes. Miku has quickly grown a reputation amongst local foodies and the media, and its unprecedented success inspires Seigo to continue international ventures to share his passion for food and people.

Miku means ‘beautiful sky’ in Japanese and is not only the name of one of Seigo’s daughters, but also describes his belief the world presents limitless opportunities when surrounded by the right people and environment. “I don’t just want a business, but want to create a culture and a community,” Seigo always says.

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