“My restaurant, a stage for passion to come to life”Seigo Nakamura

Literally translated as ‘the human flavour,’ Ningenmi is a Japanese term used to refer to a person with outstanding human qualities: sincerity, thoughtfulness and passion. Adopted as a corporate philosophy by owner Seigo Nakamura, this term encompasses the belief that success can only be achieved when it is built upon the passion and pride from each individual embracing Ningenmi at heart.

The four principles of the Ningenmi philosophy are:

> With utmost sincerity and pride, we will provide a sensational dining experience for our guests

> As a team, our priority is to create a respectful and supportive work environment

> As a team, we will strive to attain work-life balance and gain a wider perspective of the ‘quality of life’

> Collectively and individually, we will take each day as an opportunity to improve and discover our infinite potential

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