“My goal in business is not just to be successful. I want to create a whole culture and community.” – owner and CEO, Seigo Nakamura

A restaurant is a business that connects people through delicious food, comfortable space, and memorable service. We believe that the greatest restaurants not only connect people, but also build lasting relationships, both staff-to-guest and staff-to-staff.

Our Aburi corporate philosophy is Ningenmi. Literally translated as ‘the human flavour,’ Ningenmi is a Japanese term used to refer to a person with the outstanding human qualities of sincerity, thoughtfulness, and passion. Adopted as our corporate philosophy by owner and CEO Seigo Nakamura, he defines this term as “finding happiness in one’s life by bringing joy to others”.


The three principles within our Ningenmi philosophy are:

We strive to provide an exceptional dining experience for our guests with utmost sincerity and pride

We prioritize creating a respectful and supportive work environment for ourselves and our colleagues

We take each day as an opportunity to improve and discover our infinite potential both individually and as a team




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