Celebrate the Cherry Blossom Season at Minami

Celebrate the onset of spring with our limited-time Sakura Features menu. Our sushi and pastry chef teams have created two breathtaking and creative dishes to pay homage to the beauty of sakura, and bartender Barnaby has also created an exclusive cocktail for the season.

This menu is available April 8 – April 21, during dinner only. View our Sakura Features photo preview below.

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Sakura Lobster Roll

In the culinary world, cherry blossom season is known for its spring-themed sweets and cocktails. Our chefs wanted think outside the box and explore the savoury side of sakura.

Our chefs were inspired by the beauty of spring, and strived to recreate this vibrant imagery through mixing pink sakura denbu into our shari (sushi rice), and layering the roll with shiso leaf and edible flowers pressed between a thin, transparent layer of dashi gelée.


Sakura Mont Blanc

The mastermind behind this sweet confection, Makiko, wanted to bring the essence of Japanese springtime into Minami’s Sakura features this year. Strawberries are popular during sakura season in Japan, so Makiko wanted to incorporate its flavour into her creation.

A popular dessert in Japan, the Mont Blanc is also one of Makiko’s favourite confections.


Saku Cocktail

Featuring Japanese Tantakatan shochu and a sakura-salt rim; bartender Barnaby wanted to pay homage to the Japanese cultural history behind the significance of sakura today.

The story behind this spring cocktail: “My aim was to create a beverage that embodies the spirit of freshness, and that’s exactly what this cocktail offers: From the aroma of the garnish to the balanced and bright acidity of the cocktail’s palate, Saku radiates that fresh change in seasons.” – Barnaby Malong