Easter Brunch at Minami

Our Easter Brunch is back by popular demand. This celebratory long weekend, feast on our exclusive Easter Brunch Zen, featuring our Crispy Pork Belly Benny served on brioche, savoury Tocino Hash, sweet and umami Fraser Valley Chicken Nanban and Buckwheat Waffle drizzled with our house made miso infused Canadian maple syrup, and more.

Available April 19 – April 22nd, for lunch only.

View the full menu here, and book early for best seating and availability.

Our Easter Brunch zen is served with miso soup, featuring five deluxe Japanese brunch kobachi items


From top to bottom, left to right: Aburi Saba, Fraser Valley Chicken Nanban and Buckwheat Waffle, Tofu Salad, Tocino Hash, Crispy Pork Belly Benny, Tsukemono, Zen Sushi Selection

Indulge in our Brunch Zen Sushi Selection, specially curated to complement our brunch kobachi items.

Five pieces of our signature Aburi Oshi, roll, nigiri, and gunkan sushi


Our special feature for this menu is our Ikura with Quail Egg, served gunkan style


Finally, conclude your afternoon with our feature dessert, the Milk Chocolate Passion Fruit Bavarois. Created by Taylor Jones and Isabelle Valencia, this tropical dessert features the intricate flavours of Valrhona chocolate mousse, passion fruit caramel sauce, dulce de leche honeycomb, and is served with our white chocolate ice cream and passion fruit sorbet swirl.

Our Milk Chocolate Passion Fruit Bavarois is also available on our regular Spring/Summer dessert menu.


Cut into layers of tart passion fruit, creamy milk chocolate bavarois, and decadent dark chocolate brownie.