Sake + Oysters


Minami hosts an exclusive combination of Japan’s renowned Hakkaisan sake and succulent fresh-shucked oysters

Prepare to slurp back some sweet and briny oysters on the half shell with glasses of Hakkaisan sake as Yaletown’s Minami Restaurant (1118 Mainland Street) hosts a special evening of tasting on Thursday, April 16, 2015. From 6 to 8 p.m., diners can expect to hear sake stories from Aburi Restaurants’ Sake specialist Miki Ellis and That’s Life Gourmet’s Mariko Tajiri, while mingling with Hakkaisan Brewery President Jiro Nagumo, Export Manager Suguru Nakajima, and Sake Samurai Timothy Sullivan as they impart their experience with pairing sake with a variety of oysters.

Hakkaisan is a renowned sake brand from the Niigata Prefecture in Japan. Its sake is recognized for its smooth, clean, and crisp flavours, pairing well with many different kinds of food. The sake line-up for this special evening includes Hakkaisan’s most popular: Daiginjo, Junmai Ginjo, and Sparkling Nigori.

The delectable oyster pairings will include a diverse range including Kumamoto, Komo Gway, KwaK’wala, Beau Soleil, Royal Miyagi, and Kusshi.

Tickets are $45 (exclusive of taxes and gratuity). The event will take place in Minami’s Blue Ocean private room or patio, if weather permits. Limited tickets are available by visiting Minami Restaurant (1118 Mainland Street), calling 604-685-8080, or emailing

Taste of Yaletown 2013


We are once again participating in Taste of Yaletown this year! From October 16 to 27th, experience special set menus during lunch and/or dinner at a truly affordable price.

Check out our three menus here or below and make a reservation today at Open Table or by calling (604) 685-8080.

A portion of profits from each meal served during Taste of Yaletown is donated to The Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Since the event began nine years ago, Taste of Yaletown has raised over $100,000 in support of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.



seasonal vegetables, kale gomae, tsukemono, steamed rice,
feature miso soup


FIRST – sushi
5 piece chef’s selection sushi

SECOND – minami zen
aburi bincho
wasabi masatake sauce

chicken tofu salad
baby greens, sous-vide chicken breast, miso marinated tofu, umami soy vinaigrette

ebi fritter
asian slaw, sweet chili mayo, soy-balsamic reduction

sterling silver karubi pork rib
apple-ginger haccho miso sauce, spiced apple-raisin chutney

matcha crème brûlée
fresh berries


optional sake pairing 15

FIRST- temari sushi
5 piece vegetable temari sushi
sake pairing – aburi ginjo

SECOND – minami zen
slow roasted beet salad
roasted walnuts, miso-marinated tofu, spiced apple raisin chutney, cabernet cassis tarragon vinaigrette

kale gomae
lotus root chip

farmer’s market tsukemono
pickled vegetables

truffled multigrain sansai salad
Iari, micro greens
sake pairing – tengumai umajun

mirin poached pear
cassis-shiso-mint sorbet
sake pairing – indigo wind


optional sake pairing 15

FIRST – minami sushi sampler
ebi oshi, salmon oshi, temari: maguro, hamachi, ika
sake pairing – aburi ginjo

SECOND – minami zen
slow roasted beet salad
roasted walnuts, blue cheese, spiced apple raisin chutney, cabernet cassis tarragon vinaigrette

jidori chicken foie gras gyoza
truffle dashi

saikyo miso sablefish
kale gomae, yuzu miso sauce, wasabi relish

sterling silver kurabi pork rib
yukon parsnip puree, watercress, apple-ginger haccho miso sauce
sake pairing – tengumai umajun

earl grey bavarois
berry sauce, cassis-shiso-mint sorbet
sake pairing – indigo wind


Miki Ellis

Introducing our new World of Sake feature

Miki Ellis

This month, we unveil a brand new blog feature called “World of Sake”. Twice a month, our blog will highlight something about sake. For example, a question and answer with a renowned sake maker, new sakes at Minami, sakes around the world, and much more.

To kick our new series off, here is a Q & A with our very own sake specialist, Miki Ellis! Miki is the world’s youngest certified sake professional. She has a wealth of sake knowledge and was recently featured on go! Vancouver, a local TV show.

Introducing, Miki!

Why do you love sake? It’s incredibly food-friendly and just so tasty!

How did you get into the industry? The obvious enjoyment of drinking was definitely a big part of it. Also, a few key people in my life got me excited about sake specifically.

Biggest misconception people have about sake? That it is a shot! Sake bombs are great, but by no means is it saké. The good stuff, premium sake, can (and should) be enjoyed like a white wine.

What would you say if someone asked you to pair sake with steak? I would go with a silky sake that has a good acidity level to breakdown the meat, as well as a solid body/structure to match the heavier palate. I’ve paired a kasu-marinated steak with a ginjo style sake called “Ginkkesho”, and it was awesome.

People should really get to know and explore sake, there is such a range to offer and when you nail a pairing. It’s brilliant.

What was your first sake memory? I remember thinking it was absolutely vile. I was really young and had to run to the kitchen to spit it out. However, alcohol tends to have that affect the first time you try it. Your palate is not accustomed to it, so it sometimes takes a few tries to get past the “alcohol veil”.

What are the top five songs on your playlist? It’s usually a strange mix of old stuff –I love Otis [Redding].

Favourite fish and why? Dory, I love Ellen DeGeneres.

The sake that you will always say yes to?  The more telling question would be which would I refuse…

What is a talent you possess that most people don’t know about? I make mean Fireball mini cupcakes.

Last place you traveled to for work or pleasure?  New York for Joy of Sake.